The only constant in Social Media Marketing is the change. Myspace was once an essential part of this Landscape. Then came Facebook. But after a while, this seems to have reached it’s pinnacle and now people are deleting their accounts. Other Social Networks are still thriving. Instagram is popular with Facebook leavers. With a lot of businesses opting for a Facebook page instead of a website, you need to consider how people will reach you if they are not on FB anymore.

Are you tweeting? Do you follow anyone? Could Twitter be something you can use for your business?

Social Media Marketing

Used in the right way, Social Media Marketing will help you increase website traffic, improve conversions, raise brand awareness, create brand identity and positive brand association as well as improve communication and interaction

We have realised a Facebook product feeds for one of our e-commerce clients who now automatically informs over 3.500 clients whenever a new product get’s added to their online shop. The amount of additional sales is reaching almost 20%.

Google + is gaining popularity and Youtube is a very good tool to increase market reach.

For more image based networks, there are Pinterest and Instagram. Did you know that over 80% of Pinterest users are female? To aim at your target audience, you need to know these details, we do. Both are very good to promote an online shop. Show your merchandise and people will look at your shop. Don’t forget Youtube, it’s popularity is increasing all the time.

For the more professional minded amongst you, there is LinkedIn. A network with a big business aspect. It allows to network online and find the right partners as well as maintaining contact with former and current colleagues.

Running a Hotel, Restaurant or Bar? If you are not on Tripadvisor, you should be. Several of our clients use it for Marketing and brand awareness. Handled in the right way it allows you to communicate with your clients and respond to any questions or issues.

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