If your haven’t got a Multilingual Website, then your are missing out on customers who are looking for your products and services worldwide! Multilingual Websites aren’t just a simple translation of the existing content.  Anagio create a complete localised version of the site. Starting with the translation, we use native speakers. Small differences can have rather embarrassing consequences: “Mi papá tiene 45 años = My dad is 45 years old” or “Mi papa tiene 45 anos = My potato has 45 a**holes”  

The dangers of relying on Google Translate …..

translation bad 2
translation bad

Multilingual Website localised

Localisation includes market specific optimisation and promotion for maximum exposure of your website. A professional Multilingual website will reach a greater Internet audience and leaves your clients with the knowledge that your company deeply cares for every client and is able to communicate with them using the same language no matter where they live.

We offer our clients a quality website translation service at competitive rates in the world’s most popular languages such as English, German, Spanish, Catalan,  Thai and Russian. Together with our expanding network of partners, we add new languages whenever required. We make sure that your site is translated accurately and correctly by a native speaker. People find it easier to browse websites in their own language.

English is no longer the predominant language of the Internet, it is important to provide your potential customer with valuable information in a way they will feel comfortable using. Having a multilingual website translated into some of the most popular languages is the most effective, not to mention easiest way, to convert site visits into actual customers.

Currently only 7% of European consumers buy online from a foreign site, yet many e-commerce sites are trying to extend their products internationally. Their main motivation is an increase of turnover; a study by Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Community) shows that 11% of international e-commerce site sales come from foreign consumers. Language is a key issue not to be neglected. It’s naturally the first barrier to internationalising a commercial site; no one wants to buy a product on a site they can’t understand. On the contrary, a good command of the host country’s language could land you very positive feedback.

LinkedIn, for example, increased its Spanish membership by 128% after translating its site into Spanish. To really break the language barrier, don’t hesitate to hire translators who are native speakers of the target country’s language.

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