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Anagio specialises in the field of Multilingual Webdesign, helping clients with increasing their market share by turning single language websites into fully international multi language sites.

Check out 10 reasons why you should have a multi language website

In addition we offer the following services:



Social Media Marketing

The only constant in Social Media Marketing is the change. Myspace was once an essential part of this Landscape. Then came Facebook. But after a while, this seems to have reached it's pinnacle and now people are deleting their accounts. Other Social...

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As requirements are different from client to client, Anagio Hosting uses several providers, from affordable for the Start-up to extremely reliable for those who require their site to be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We do not force our clients to use our...

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Multilingual E-Commerce

Why should you consider multilingual e-commerce? Without multilingual e-commerce, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. An EU-wide survey finds that 90 percent of Internet users prefer to surf online in their own language. Nearly half say that they...

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Multilingual Website Development from Anagio

If your haven't got a Multilingual Website, then your are missing out on customers who are looking for your products and services worldwide! Multilingual Websites aren't just a simple translation of the existing content.  Anagio create a complete localised...

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Search Engine Optimisation

Even if you have the best products or services, it is not good if your website is not found. A high entry in search engines and especially at Google (where more than 87% of all searches are done) is a must. Many companies offer their services in this area, but beware,...

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E-Commerce Surbiton

E-Commerce Solutions SURBITON The Internet is like a labyrinth, but don't fear. We have a map and happily help you through the myriads of options.  Setting up E-commerce doesn't have to be daunting and/or expensive. Anagio use standard frameworks that ensure you are...

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